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Here are 11 very effective measures for a husband and wife who do not have children after marriage

Many couples look forward to having a baby after marriage. In many cases, the pregnancy happens quickly, and many people do not succeed in getting pregnant even after trying for a long time. As you can see, after a month or two of trying, many couples continue to suffer from depression. Problems with having this type of baby happen to many couples. Undoubtedly, both husband and wife need to take practical steps to resolve this issue quickly.

1. Consult a specialist: Couples who have been trying to have a baby for a year or more but are not succeeding should seek the advice of a specialist immediately. Get health and other medical checkups as advised by your doctor. Let the doctor know if you have any family illness or long-term illness. Suchikitsa’s help will help both husband and wife to overcome this. In addition, some physical tests such as weight, blood pressure, and your buttocks are checked by the doctor to see if they are healthy. Find out what treatments you have taken for a disease, what medications you have taken – all these problems help a woman to get pregnant by solving these problems.

2. Healthy living: Husbands and wives need to ensure healthy living which helps a woman to get pregnant. Avoid unnecessary mental anxieties. Many times it is seen that many people are not able to conceive even if they do not have any kind of physical problem. In this case you must be patient and take care of your health

3. Sexual intercourse at least three times a week for pregnancy: Regular sexual intercourse is very important for becoming a mother. Many couples are only interested in sexual intercourse only when calculating when ovulation will take place. It may not be possible to determine the time of ovulation correctly. So a couple’s reunion at least three days a week increases the chances of getting pregnant

4. Avoid smoking, alcohol and medication without consulting a doctor: If a couple is a smoker or an alcoholic, or if one of the spouses is a smoker or an alcoholic, it should be avoided at this time. When these bad habits affect pregnancy, they prevent proper ovulation. It is extremely harmful to the fetus. Moreover, no medicine should be taken without the advice of a doctor. In many cases, caffeine causes irregular menstruation and delays pregnancy. So high levels of caffeine should be avoided

5. Weight control: If the husband and wife have excess weight, it should be controlled first. Then you should think about having children. Excess weight often causes women to have irregular periods, which can lead to delays in conceiving. Due to the extra weight of men, the number and quantity of sperm varies. As a result, there are problems in pregnancy. Therefore, both of them should keep their weight under control. Even if they are underweight, they should try to make it normal.

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